About Us

Direct Link Travel and Tours Service is pleased to provide you with our inclusive range of services to make your stay in Sri Lanka pleasant and comfortable.

We understand that each of our client is special and unique and we ensure to provide you a customized service according to your preferences. Through our new website, you will be able to be up to date about our advertising real-time promotions, announcing of new services, last minute tremendous offers and many more. In addition, you will also be able to check online whether the travel agent you are patronizing is a licensed holder.

CEO’s Message​

We started this company with the intention of providing tourists a premium travel and tourism service in Sri Lanka. We concentrate on the comfort, budget and the preferences of the customers when providing our special services to them. We take care of their accommodation, food and transportation throughout their stay in Sri Lanka. Another target of us is to let the tourists witness the best, indigenous places in Sri Lanka for a fair price. We make sure that they make Sri Lanka a perfect holiday getaway.

Muhammad Naleer Muhammad Nihal (CEO)

Why Choose Us

Amazing Tour Guides

The tour guides we provide you are well educated and are experienced in the field of history and the relevant facts regarding the places you are going to visit. Their language proficiency too is up to the required standards, which ensures the clarity of the explanations. Not only they are armed with professional qualifications, they are also friendly and caring so that you will feel that they are a member of your own family.

Because we take care of you

You probably should have heard that Sri Lanka is a country which is famed for its hospitality and friendliness. You are not just another customer for us but a valuable visitor who comes to our motherland. Hence we can assure you that we can give you the best service because we are friendly and you can talk to us anytime. Zero pressure. We are sure that you will love our hospitality.

Who visits our motherland

We know that visiting a foreign country makes you feel a bit sceptic since you have never set your foot to that land before. We promise you to provide the maximum protection throughout the tour and that you are in good health and happy. Our guides and correspondents have won the hearts of our clients over the years.

Because our fare is fair with abiding

You can travel around this small island without spending all the savings of your entire life. We are fair because we do not charge our clients more than what we should charge. Added to that we provide you the best accommodation, culinary and transportation services which abiding to the set standards of the Ministry of Tourism.