Direct Link - Sri Lanka

We are glad to greet you to “DIRECT LINK” the ultimate choice of most of the tourists who come to scrutinize the wonders of the little island.


Direct Link - Sri Lanka

A golden beach surrounded by palm trees. Welcome to Mirissa, one of the most popular beach spots in Sri Lanka and this is not without reason..


Direct Link - Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka, offering a clear hot water base..
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Direct Link Travel and Tours Service is pleased to provide you with our inclusive range of services to make your stay in Sri Lanka pleasant and comfortable.

We understand that each of our client is special and unique and we ensure to provide you a customized service according to your preferences. Through our new website, you will be able to be up to date about our advertising real-time promotions, announcing of new services, last minute tremendous offers and many more. In addition, you will also be able to check online whether the travel agent you are patronizing is a licensed holder.


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The tour guides we provide you are well educated and are experienced in the field of history and the relevant facts regarding the places you are going to visit.

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We know that visiting a foreign country makes you feel a bit sceptic since you have never set your foot to that land before. We provide the maximum protection.

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You probably should have heard that Sri Lanka is a country which is famed for its hospitality and friendliness. You are not just another customer.

Because our fare is fair

You can travel around this small island without spending all the savings of your entire life. We are fair we do not charge clients more than what we should charge.


Booking experience was good.All assistance provided. Great Service by Direct Link ( Our travel Agent). They provided on time service and assistance...
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It was really a good experience to deal with, only issue we had is the travel was not planned so efficiently by agent resulting more wasting...
Pankaj Basak
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Wonderful service when organising the trip great service on emails and best. Of all our driver Saman couldn't fault him so obliging highly recommend..
Norman Crowley
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